National Infrastructure Projects – North West Update

The National Infrastructure Planning website has details of the following major infrastructure projects in the coastal or marine area of North West England. Click on the project names below to go the the National Infrastructure Planning website page for each project. Projects go through a range of stages and these are explained in brief below:

  • Pre-application: the developer informs the Planning Inspectorate that they intend to submit an application.
  • Acceptance: a formal application is submitted by the developer and the Planning Inspectorate has 28 days to decide whether or not the application meets the standards required to be accepted for examination.
  • Pre-examination: a period of approximately 3 months where the public are able to register, submit their views in writing, and attend a preliminary meeting chaired by an Inspector.
  • Examination: a period of 6 months where the Planning Inspectorate carries out the formal examination, collecting written evidence and conducting hearings.
  • Recommendation and Decision: The Planning Inspectorate prepares a recommendation within 3 months of the end of the examination. The Secretary of State has a further 3 months to make the decision on whether to grant or refuse development consent.
  • Post decision: There is a further six week period for challenge in the High Court (Judicial Review).

Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm, DONG Energy Burbo Extension (UK) Ltd (Decision stage) Extension to Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm. The Examining Authority made a recommendation to the Secretary of State on 26th June 2014. A decision will be published within 3 months.

Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, DONG WIND (UK) Ltd (Decision stage)
Extension to Walney Offshore Wind Farm. The Examining Authority made a recommendation to the Secretary of State on 7th August. The Secretary of State will have 3 months in which to make their decision (by 7th November 2014)

Preesall Saltfield Underground Gas Storage, Halite Energy Group Ltd (Post-decision stage) An underground gas storage facility to store gas in, extract gas from and inject gas into, with a total storage capacity up to 900 million standard cubic metres and working capacity of up to 600 million cubic metres including: up to 19 operational caverns formed by solution mining of the Preesall halite deposit all to be constructed to any extent downwards below 220 metres below ground surface and to be confined in the Preesall halite deposit; 7 multiple wellhead compounds and a Gas Compressor Compound. Following the Order of the High Court (Patterson J) made on 17 January 2014 quashing the decision of the Secretary of State dated 9 April 2013 to refuse the application by Halite Energy Limited for development consent for the proposed underground gas storage facility including associated development in Preesall, Lancashire, the Secretary of State has to re-determine the and has written to interested parties with a Statement of Matters with respect to further written representations, setting out the matters in relation to which the Secretary of State considered further representations were needed. The deadline for representations was 9th May 2014 and there is now an opportunity to comment on these and other relevant information, including the Independent Geological Assessor’s Report. The current consultation will close on 11 September 2014 and the consultation letter is downloadable from the relevant webpage (access by clicking on the link above).

Alexandra Dock Biomass Project, RES UK & Ireland (Pre-Application stage) A new Biomass energy project, output between 100 and 150MW, in the Port of Liverpool. The developer has not yet set a timetable for this project.

Heysham to M6 Link Road, Lancashire County Council  (Post-decision) A new dual carriageway approx. 4.8 kms long to the north of Lancaster linking Junction 34 of the M6 with the junction of the A683 and A589 by Lancaster and Morecambe College. The project includes remodelling Junction 34, a new bridge over the River Lune and a 600 space park and ride site. Decision: Development Consent was granted by the Secretary of State on the 19th March 2013. A judgement was issued on 4th October 2013 in respect of the High Court challenge by Transport Solutions for Lancaster and Morecambe and is available to view on the  website (access by clicking on the link above)..

Nugen’s Moorside Project in West Cumbria, NuGeneration Limited “NuGen” (Pre Application stage) New Nuclear Power Generating Station (up to 3.6GW), with ancillary and other associated development. The developer has not set a timetable for this project.

North West Coast Connections Project (N Grid), National Grid (Pre Application stage) Proposed 400kV electricity transmission connections from NuGen’s proposed new nuclear generating station to be known as Moorside (near Sellafield) in West Cumbria to the existing transmission system in Cumbria/Lancashire. The application is expected to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in 2017.

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