2022 Bathing Water Results

Defra has announced the 2022 bathing water results. The results summarise the compliance of coastal and inland designated bathing waters for England in 2022. 

In summary 97.1% met at least the minimum Bathing Water standard, and 72.1% met the ‘excellent’ standard, however 2.9% did not meet the minimum standard for bathing and are classed as ‘poor’. 

In the North West there has been one improvement (Wallasey) but some deterioration in bathing water quality in other areas. Hopefully this is not an ongoing trend as major improvements have been made in recent years. 15 of our 29 bathing waters (including some inland) classified as excellent, with 6 as good and 7 as sufficient, only 1 didn’t meet the standards and is classed as poor.

The results for 2022 (with 2021 in brackets for comparison) are:

  2022 (2021)
West Kirby Excellent (Excellent)
Meols Excellent (Excellent)
Moreton Excellent (Excellent)
Wallasey Excellent (Good)
Formby Excellent (Excellent)
Ainsdale Good (Good)
Southport Sufficient (Good)
St Annes Sufficient (Good)
St Annes North Sufficient (Sufficient)
Blackpool South Sufficient (Good)
Blackpool Central Sufficient (Good)
Blackpool North Poor (Sufficient)
Bispham Excellent (Excellent)
Cleveleys Good (Good)
Fleetwood Good (Good)
Morecambe South Good (Good)
Morecambe North Sufficient (Good)
Walney Biggar Bank Excellent (Excellent)
Walney Sandy Gap Excellent (Excellent)
Walney West Shore Excellent (Excellent)
Haverigg Sufficient (Good)
Silecroft Excellent (Excellent)
Seascale Good (Good)
Windermere, Lakeside YMCA Excellent (Excellent)
Windermere, Millerground Landing Excellent (Excellent)
Windermere, Rayrigg Meadow Excellent (Excellent)
Windermere, Fellfoot Excellent (Excellent)
St Bees Excellent (Excellent)
Allonby Good (Good)

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