WAMM: A Collaborative Approach to Coastal Management – webinar recording now available

Connecting coastal and upstream environments – a link to a recording of the event is below

Organised by: The Catchment Based Approach & Coastal Partnership Network

The WAMM (Wholescape Approach to Marine Management) project was established to help drive closer collaboration between the Catchment Based Approach ‘CaBA’ Partnerships, Coastal Partnerships and the Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN). In doing so, WAMM has helped to advance a ‘wholescape’ approach that links the coastal environment to the terrestrial and freshwater components upstream.

This  webinar provided an overview of the project, including the development of a ‘Roadmap to Collaborative Delivery’, the coastal data package and explorer and case studies of collaborative working, including the Morecambe Bay Pilot.

A link to a recording of the event is here


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