Research report on marine debris pathways for non-native species into UK waters

Scientists from CEFAS – the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science – have published pioneering research modelling how non-native species can be transported across the ocean on floating marine debris.

They used a novel modelling approach, adapting a computer model originally designed to predict the distribution of oil following an oil spill, to uncover the origin of floating marine debris and so track how invasive species can enter UK waters. The hope is that this modelling technique will enable the UK and other countries worldwide to track the movements of marine debris more accurately and pave the way for an early warning system to respond and prevent emerging threats from non-native species.

To read the Government press release providing a summary of the research click here.

The research paper ‘Modelling of marine debris pathways into UK waters: Example of non-native crustaceans transported across the Atlantic Ocean on floating marine debris’ can be viewed here.


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