National Strategy for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) in Wales and the Wales Flood Map Published

The Welsh Government had published a new FCERM Strategy for Wales. This sets out the long-term policies for managing flooding, together with measures to improve planning and preparation for, and adaptation to, climate change which will be taken forward over the next decade by organisations including Natural Resources Wales, local authorities and water companies.

The Strategy outlines some of the lessons learnt from the flooding seen across Wales this year, and will link in with new planning guidance due next year to ensure communities built in future are not put at avoidable risk. It also looks at how risk should be better communicated so that members of the public understand their own risk, how to plan for flooding incidents and how they can get involved in discussions about how to manage the risks to their community.

Alongside the new National FCERM Strategy for Wales is the Wales Flood Map, which has also been launched. This will bring all together  flood and coastal risk mapping in one place, starting with the new Flood Risk Assessment for Wales (FRAW). It will show flood risk from all sources  and will be updated every 6 months. 

The Strategy – together with a summary – are available here.

The Wales Flood Map can be viewed here.


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