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National Strategy for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) in Wales and the Wales Flood Map Published

The Welsh Government had published a new FCERM Strategy for Wales. This sets out the long-term policies for managing flooding, together with measures to improve planning and preparation for, and adaptation to, climate change which will be taken forward over the next decade by organisations including Natural Resources Wales, local authorities and water companies. The

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National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England

The Environment Agency has published a strategy setting out a vision of a nation ready for, and resilient to, flooding and coastal change – today, tomorrow and to the year 2100. It sits alongside the Government’s policy statement on flood and coastal erosion risk management (see separate news item). The National FCERM Strategy sets out

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Flood and coastal erosion risk management: policy statement

This policy statement sets out the Government’s policy on flood and coastal erosion risk management and their long-term ambition to create a nation more resilient to future flood and coastal erosion risk. It forms part of their wider commitment to tackle climate change. It has been informed by the Environment Agency’s consultation exercise on the

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Rising Sea Levels – 2 New Government Publications

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology publishes a range of POSTnotes on various science and technology issues. These notes are intended to provide independent, balanced and accessible briefings on public policy issues relating to science and technology. A new POSTnote on Rising Sea Levels – POSTnote 555 – discusses the impacts of sea level rise on the frequency

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Managing flood and coastal erosion risk: April 2014 to March 2015

The Environment has published their fourth annual national flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) report for England. The reported year saw the largest programme of capital works completed in any one year, with 111 new flood and coastal risk management schemes, reducing flood risk for 31,700 households and reducing coastal erosion risk for a

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NW Regional Monitoring Programme Newsletter issue 5

The North West Regional Monitoring Programme issues a twice-yearly newsletter providing news on the monitoring programme, spotlighting specific issues and providing an update of forthcoming monitoring, reporting and relevant events across the region. This issue features the ecological mapping study, the Be Flood Ready website, a report from Lancaster City Council on their coastal defence

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Coastal Engineering Solutions March 2010 Conference Report