WireWall Update – October 2018

An October update below from the National Oceanography Centre re their WireWall research project on measuring wave overtopping (see earlier news article):

Week commencing the 22nd Oct the tides were turning to springs. With a persistent West/North West wind on the forecast from Monday afternoon, the end of the week looked like a good opportunity to test WireWall in calm overtopping conditions. The NOC electronics team travelled up from Southampton on Monday to join the mechanical engineers in Liverpool. The system was calibrated in the Liverpool lab on Tuesday and set up at Crosby on Wednesday to collect data during the midday high waters on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Success! Friday the waves were overtopping for about 2 hours at the top of the tide. Our first dataset of wave overtopping volume and velocity has been collected. During the high tides the winter wave were perfect to test the rig without risk of damage. We’re now watching the weather waiting to see what happens on the November spring tides w/c 5th Nov. Follow our twitter feed if you want regular updates or to see the photos, https://twitter.com/wirewall_noc


WireWall measuring wave overtopping at Crosby

September update:

The summer sun might have gone, but there were still plenty of people about at the beach to meet the scientists at Ainsdale and Crosby this month. Following the success of the “Liverpool Institute for Sustainable Coasts and Oceans (LISCO) goes to the beach events” we hope to join the Friends of Crosby Beach at their 2019 Marine Awareness Day. So don’t worry if you didn’t get the chance to join in with the WireWall project’s water pistol demo, we hope to be back next year. Take a look at the WireWall project’s twitter feed, 


to see photos from the day and the word clouds that are being generated to capture the knowledge  transfer.  

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