NW Regional Monitoring Programme Newsletter Summer 2014

The latest edition of the North West Regional Monitoring Programme’s newsletter – North West Coast News – has been published. It aims to provide news on progress of the programme, spotlight specific issues and provide an outline programme of upcoming monitoring, reporting and events across the region. This issue reflects the impacts of the winter storms and takes a look at post-storm monitoring.

The Regional Monitoring Programme is a strategic coastal monitoring programme for the North West of England which aims to provide freely available data of consistently high quality to inform coastal management and future strategy. Its primary objectives are to:

  • Improve understanding of coastal process behaviour and how those processes interact with the shoreline.
  • Assist in the definition of the magnitude of risks of coastal flooding and erosion and to provide data to support re-evaluation of those risks in the future.
  • Assist coastal managers by providing them with relevant information on which to make sustainable future shoreline management decisions.

The newsletter is produced twice a year and the latest issue, together with back copies is is available to download from the Regional Monitoring website here.

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