Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership: Key Challenges and Emerging Issues Publication

MCCIP has published a suite of outputs on ‘responding to key challenges in UK marine climate change’, building on the evidence presented in the latest MCCIP report card (2020) and providing a snapshot of the key issues facing the UK marine climate change community and guidance on how to address them.

The outputs are designed to help researchers and end users plan and deliver cross-cutting work programmes, inform UK marine and climate change strategies, and support policy needs.

With contributions from over 150 leading researchers across 50 organisations, the 2020 report card provides a unique, quality assured overview of the marine and coastal climate change evidence base for the UK.

In addition 108 key challenges and emerging issues have been identified across the 26 topic reviews have been summarised and collated and published.

Click here for the Key Challenges and Emerging Issues outputs and here for the list of key challenges and emerging issues arranged by theme

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