Collaborative Coastal Projects in North West England Workshop – Outputs Available

A brief summary report of the workshop and breakout sessions, plus the presentations on the day are available to download below.

This half day workshop, which took place on 23rd February 2022, was delivered by the North West Coastal Forum as part of a Regional Demonstration Project: ‘Exploring the Benefits of a Regional Approach to Coastal Coordination in North West England’ – one of a series of Regional Demonstration Projects taking place across England for  the ‘A National Framework Championing Coastal Coordination’ project led by Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN) and supported by the Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) fund.

The workshop aim was to bring together organisations delivering coastal projects in partnership with others to:

  • Showcase collaborative coastal project work taking place in North West England and its cross-border areas, including those supported through the Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) fund
  • Explore common interests and future opportunities for joint-working
  • Provide an opportunity to consider key questions around coastal management, governance and information sharing arising from the ongoing 3Cs project work that will feed into national recommendations

The workshop was intended for any organisation progressing or planning to progress collaborative projects on the coast of North West England, including the full cross border extent of the Solway Firth and the Dee Estuary.

Information is also provided below, for completeness, re an additional 3Cs project taking place in NW England on the Wyre estuary (MoRPH Estuaries) as this was mentioned during the plenary discussion.

*Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) is an Environment Agency initiative with support from Natural England, the Marine Management Organisation and the Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities. It is a collaboration seeking to explore how to enhance and progress coordination for coastal sustainability and resilience in England. 

Download “Collaborative-Coastal-Projects-in-NW-England-Workshop-230222-Report-.pdf”

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Download “Welcome-and-Introducing-the-National-and-Regional-Championing-Coastal-Coordination-Work.pdf”

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Download “ECO-CoBS-SB.pdf”

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Download “The-work-of-the-Turning-Tides-Partnership-and-LOVEmyBEACH.pdf”

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Download “Marine-Natural-Capital-on-the-Cumbria-Solway.pdf”

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Download “Mersey-Estuary-Action-Planning-Mersey-Gateway-Environmental-Trust.pdf”

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Download “Mersey-Estuary-Action-Planning-Mersey-Rivers-Trust.pdf”

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Download “Workshop-Questions.pdf”

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