Rising Sea Levels – 2 New Government Publications

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology publishes a range of POSTnotes on various science and technology issues. These notes are intended to provide independent, balanced and accessible briefings on public policy issues relating to science and technology.

A new POSTnote on Rising Sea Levels – POSTnote 555 – discusses the impacts of sea level rise on the frequency and severity of coastal flooding and rates of erosion and looks at the causes and likely future levels of sea level rise and its implications. It updates the 2010 POSTnote 363 on Sea Level Rise.

For more information and to download the note follow this link.

Accompanying POSTnote 555 is a POSTbrief on Projecting Future Sea Level Rise. This report provides more information on sea level rise projections and the scenarios and models used to generate them, together with ‘likelihood’ ranges and associated uncertainties.

For more information and to download the brief follow this link.

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