Sandscapes Conference Presentations Available

The presentations from the North West Coastal Forum’s 2016 biennial conference: Sandscapes – Celebrating the Natural and Cultural Capital of Coastal Landscapes are now available to download below. Around 70 people attended a vibrant and interesting day covering working the benefits of working at a landscape scale and demonstrating what can be achieved, in the context of national policy drivers such as natural and cultural capital and ecosystem services. 25 people also took advantage of the accompanying field trip to the Sefton coast the day before the main conference.

We hoped to inspire and enthuse delegates and the feedback received indicates we achieved our goal. Some quotes from the feedback forms include:

‘Very inspiring, informative and full of evident passion for the whole of our wonderful coastline.’

‘Such an inspiration! So much to take home and consider’

‘Empowering, informative, useful insights’

‘Excellent input by experts – making info and ideas accessible and understandable to lay people’.

The programme and presentations are provided below. NB not all presentations have yet been received, the others will be uploaded when they are available.

Download “Sandscapes programme”

Delegate-Pack-Sandscapes-Programme.docx – Downloaded 654 times – 775.37 KB

Download “M Carney Importance of Sefton's Coast”

M-Carney-Importance-of-Sefton-Coast.pdf – Downloaded 703 times – 2.04 MB

Download “D Bennellick HLF and Landscape Partnerships”

D-Bennellick-HLF-and-Landscape-Partnerships.pdf – Downloaded 578 times – 5.93 MB

Download “P Rice Natural Capital”

P-Rice-Natural-Capital.pdf – Downloaded 670 times – 1.44 MB

Download “S Stallibrass Cultural Capital”

S-Stallibrass-Cultural-Capital.pdf – Downloaded 667 times – 2.37 MB

Download “F Sunners Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership”

F-Sunners-Sefton-Coast-Landscape-Partnership-Scheme-.pdf – Downloaded 753 times – 1.89 MB

Download “B Jenman Touching the Tide”

B-Jenman-Touching-the-Tide.pdf – Downloaded 682 times – 2.04 MB

Download “J Hudson Making the Most of Dynamic Landscapes”

J-Hudson-Making-the-Most-of-Dynamic-Landscapes.pdf – Downloaded 699 times – 2.95 MB

Download “C Salthouse NW ACE 2016”

C-Salthouse-NW-ACE-2016.pdf – Downloaded 699 times – 2.02 MB

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