Award winning beaches – The Seaside Awards

Keep Britain Tidy recently announced the 2015 Seaside Awards. 111 beaches across England have achieved the award, which is given for high standards of cleanliness and facilities. This year 14 of the North West’s beaches have the award. These are (from north to south):

Copeland Borough Council: St Bees, Silecroft, Haverigg
Lancaster City Council: Morecambe North, Morecambe South
Wyre Borough Council: Ferry Beach, Marine Beach, Rossall Beach, Jubilee Beach
Blackpool Council: Bispham, Blackpool North, Blackpool Central, Blackpool South
Fylde Borough Council: St Annes Pier

For more information see Keep Britain Tidy’s Seaside Awards pages

It is great that so many of our beaches have achieved this award which is a useful guide to quality but please note not all the North West’s beaches were put forward for the award by their managing authorities so if your local beach is missing it may be just because it was not entered for a Seaside award. The same is true of Blue Flag, which Keep Britain Tidy also administers. No North West beaches have been awarded a Blue Flag this year because no North West beaches were entered.



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