New European Climate Adaptation Newsletter published (European Environment Agency, February 2015)

A new newsletter focussing on climate change adaptation has been published by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The aim is to share news and information on climate change adaptation actions and research activies all across the EU. It includes reports on the outcomes of the United Nations Climate Conference in Lima, the Mayors Adapt initiative, newly published reports : ‘National adaptation policy progress in European countries’; ‘Adaptation of transport to climate change in Europe’ amd a recently published report on ‘Resilience to extreme weather by UK’s Royal Society, the launch of the Urban Adaptation Support Tool, case studies, results from EURO4M (European Reanalysis and Observations) 2014, MOWE – IT programme (Management of Weather Events in the Transport System) publications, updates on the development of the Copernicus monitoring service, research projects awarded with European Joint Programming Initiative on Climate (JPI), results from C3 Alps project, , updates to the Klimatilpasning website, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) resilient cities workshops, Draft Flood Risk Management Plan for Lithuania and published guidance on climate proof cities. For more information and to sign up for future editions follow this link. The newsletter complements information available on the Climate-ADAPT web platform which contains a range of continuously updated resources.

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