Closed – Hospitality & Tourism APPG Inquiry into Coasts and Waters

Closed 19th August, 5 p.m.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Hospitality and Tourism has launched an inquiry into ‘Coasts and Waters.’ Responses will inform a report from the APPG making recommendations to Government.

The consultation covers:

  1. What, if any, distinct concerns do costal or lakeside businesses have from other hospitality businesses?
  2. How can demand be stimulated for coastal and lakeside tourism?
  3. What support can be afforded to coastal and lakeside commerce and economies to optimise their capacity to drive much needed economic growth, employment and prosperity? 
  4. What structural issues are faced by coastal and lakeside communities that inhibit the growth of tourism.
  5. Is there sufficient infrastructure within coastal and lakeside areas to cope with existing and increasing levels of tourism? I
  6. What can be done to promote tourism to coastal and lakeside areas in a sustainable manner?
  7. How has COVID-19 impacted these regions?
  8. What 3 conditions in the economy do you feel that the hospitality and tourism sectors in these regions need for long term growth and post COVID-19 recovery. 
  9. Do you feel that either coastal or lakeside areas are represented effectively within Government?

 For more information and to respond follow this link

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