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Best Practice on Reducing the Amount of Fishing Gear Littering the NE Atlantic

OSPAR has published a scoping study on best practices for the design and recycling of fishing gear as a means to reduce quantities of fishing gear found as marine litter in the North East Atlantic. Both unintentional and intentional loss of fishing gear at sea result in marine litter and negative environmental impacts. The study

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Fishing Industry Safety Group Launches Safety Campaign – #HOMEANDDRY

As part of Commercial fishing and Maritime Safety Week 2020 The Fishing Industry Safety Group has launched a commercial fishing safety campaign – Home and Dry (#HOMEANDDRY). The campaign includes a new website bringing together information on: ILO 188 (Work in Fishing Convention) – which applies to all fishermen working on fishing vessels of any size, with

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#SwitchTheStick Campaign Launched

City to Sea have recently launched a campaign calledĀ #SwitchTheStick which is currently petitioning against using plastic in cotton buds. Cotton buds are increasingly being washed up on beaches around the world as it is thought thatĀ people flush them down the toilet which then make their way through our sewers and eventually into the sea. These

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