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The case for marine planning to come to North West England

A document submitted to the MMO to support the case for the 2nd marine planning region to be North West England. It was prepared by the North West Coastal Forum but represents the views of a wider group of organisations and participants in the March 2012 ‘A Sea Change: Marine Spatial Planning from Solway to

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SUSTAIN English Newsletter Issue 2, Winter 2011

Accessing the North West Coast June 2011 Event & Consultation Report

SUSTAIN e-newsletter Winter 2010


North West Coastal Trail documents

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Marine & Coastal Policy in the UK

Here you can find links to useful legistlation, policy and evidence documents that are relevant to marine and coastal issues in the UK. UK-wide & England Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 UK Marine Policy Statement The Marine Strategy Regulations 2010 UK Marine Science Strategy Fisheries 2027 – a long-term vision for

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Understanding the Coastal Communities of the North West

Research commissioned by the North West Coastal Forum and 4NW in 2009 to investigate socio-economic and environmental issues and opportunities for coastal communities in the North West of England. The study, part funded by Defra, investigates 47 of the NW coastal communities ranging in size from small villages to the urban connurbation of Liverpool and,

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