European Commission Maritime Affairs and Fishing News

The European Commission Maritime Affairs and Fishing latest newsletter highlights news and developmentsĀ around the world including:

  • news from around the European Union such as ‘Mediterranean fisheries: stocks recovery means fishers’ recovery’ andĀ ‘A new integrated EU policy for the Arctic’
  • events including ‘6th conference in Maritime Spatial Planning Worldwide (MSP) (8th – 9th June 2016, Azores) and ‘The Atlantic Strategy in Action (8th June, Brussels, Belgium)’
  • funding opportunities including ‘Blue Careers in Europe’ and ‘Blue Labs: innovative solution for maritime challenges’
  • consultations on ‘European Fisheries Fund (EFF) ex post evaluation and the possible future European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) after 2020’ (deadline 18/05/16).

To find out more information, the newsletter can be read here.

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