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Benyon Review Into Highly Protected Marine Areas: final report published

On World Ocean Day 2019, the then Defra Secretary of State, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, launched an  independent review on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) in the waters for which the Secretary of State has responsibility: the English inshore and offshore and Northern Ireland offshore zones. The review was led by former Environment and

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Marine plans iteration 1 engagement summary published

The Marine Management Organisation has published an engagement summary highlighting feedback for the marine plans iteration 1 following the spring workshops and other engagement during the development of marine plans for the North West, North East, South West and South East areas. It analyses the engagement in each of the 4 areas and summarises  stakeholder

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10 Year Marine Litter Report Published

An article entitled: “Marine anthropogenic litter on British beaches: A 10-year nationwide assessment using citizen science data” has recently been published by a group of scientists. The data is from Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Beachwatch surveys which have been taking place by volunteers for more than a decade. The main findings from this article are

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State of Nature Report 2016 Published

The updated State of Nature Report has been published with the RSPB as a key partner in the report. 50 wildlife organisations have worked together to produce the report which provides a progress report for the UKs native wildlife. Key findings from the report are summarised here: Between 1970 and 2013, 56% of species declined,

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UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence Report

The Committee on Climate Change have released their Synthesis report, UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence Report (CCRA): priorities for the next five years. Key messages from the report detail that: The global climate is changing, with greenhouse gas emissions from human activity the dominant cause. Global emissions will need to peak soon and then

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Managing flood and coastal erosion risk: April 2014 to March 2015

The Environment has published their fourth annual national flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) report for England. The reported year saw the largest programme of capital works completed in any one year, with 111 new flood and coastal risk management schemes, reducing flood risk for 31,700 households and reducing coastal erosion risk for a

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Accessing the North West Coast June 2011 Event & Consultation Report