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Government Response to the House of Lords Select Committee Report on the Future of Seaside Towns

The government has issued a response to the report by the House of Lords Select Committee on the future of seaside towns. The Committee looked closely at a wide range of issues affecting seaside towns and the government response supports the vast majority of the report’s recommendations and highlights the work being undertaken to help

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Coastal Communities Fund Round 5 Opens

On 26th February DCLG announced the opening of a new £40 million round of Coastal Communities Fund funding in England to support the economic development of coastal communities. The new funding is available for spend between April 2019 and March 2021. Projects should be over £50000 and lead to economic growth and regeneration as well

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Coastal Community Teams to Help Revive England’s Seaside Towns

The Goverment has announced the creation of 116 Coastal Community Teams with the provision of more than £1 million, funding an additional 104 further Coastal Community Teams on top of 12 existing pilots. The Coastal Community Teams initiative has been created to help revive coastal towns and bring jobs, growth and prosperity to coastal areas. The teams bring

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Halton Council successful in lease application for Mersey Gateway Bridge Project

Halton Council have been successful in their lease application to the Crown Estate for a foreshore area within the Mersey Estuary.The area is to be utilized within the £600 million Mersey Gateway Bridge Project. The leased area is valued at £800,000 within a single payment. Construction of the bridge is part of the Mersey Gateway Project,

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Coastal Engineering Solutions March 2010 Conference Report