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Closed consultation – Marine Conservation Zones Tranche 3

Closed 20th July. Defra have opened consultation on the 3rd tranche of Marine Conservation Zones proposed for English marine waters. 41 new MCZs are proposed and there are also new features for conservation proposed for 12 exisitng MCZs. The consultation seeks views on the new sites and additional features, but also provides an opportunity to submit

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Past event – Coastal Challenge Summit, 24th April, London

Update – the workshop has taken place and a summary report will be produced. The Coastal Partnerships Network, working the Coastal Communities Alliance and the LGA Coastal Special Interest Group, is hosting a Coastal Challenge Event on 24th April, in London. The North West Coastal Forum, through our involvement on the CPN Committee, is involved in

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MMO Report on Social Impacts and Interactions Between Marine Sectors

The Marine Management Organisation has published a report commissioned to provide a body of evidence on social impacts through an assessment of interactions within and between sectors listed in the Marine Policy Statement. The project provides a baseline of evidence and also provides a framework for using this evidence as part of the marine planning process. It provides

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Oh – we DO like to be beside the seaside!

It’s official - research by researchers Katherine Ashbulby and Matthew White at the European Institute of Enviornment and Human Health in Cornwall compared experiences of people at the seaside, in the countryside and in urban parks from 2750 Natural England questionnaires and concluded that the greatest sense of pleasure came from exercising beside the sea – whatever your age,

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Report on Economic and Social Costs of Overfishing

The New Economics Foundation (nef) has published a report on the economic and social costs of overfishing in EU waters. The report, ‘Lost at Sea’, estimates that overfishing has cost the EU £2.7billion and 100,000 jobs. For a summary, and to download the full report, visit the nef website.