WAMM outputs – Coastal Data Explorer, Policy & Legislation StoryMap and Workshop Presentations

The Wholescape Approach to Marine Management ‘WAMM’ project, which supports a more collaborative approach between Coastal and CaBA partnerships to build knowledge and expertise to enhance delivery for the coastal and estuarine environment nationwide, is nearing its conclusion and a range of useful outputs are now available (see link below).

Coastal Data Explorer:

The Coastal & Estuarine Data Package and Data Explorer have been developed as part of the WAMM project. The Coastal Data Explorer enables users to access a national evidence base of over 150 environmental datasets from catchments to coasts without the need for any specialist GIS software. Data is pulled from the CaBA (Catchment Based Approach) Online Data Package which has recently been updated to include 30+ datasets specifically related to coastal, estuarine and marine environments. Users can use the Explorer to add and overlay datasets, create their own maps and extract data for their area of interest. The data layers are also available to pull into their own mapping software or shared information platform. An introductory webinar to using these resources was held in May 2020 and is available to view (see link below).

Policy and Legislation StoryMap

To aid understanding across the land-sea interface and embed ‘wholescape’ thinking a StoryMap has been developed to provide an overview of the main legislation and policy areas relating to the freshwater, coastal and marine environments. It is a summay rather than an exhaustive guide and is targeted at all relevant stakeholders with a particular focus on Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) and Coastal partnerships. The StoryMap is available to view (see link below).

Regional Workshops

As part of the WAMM project a series of regional workshops were held to build local knowledge and expertise within coastal, estuarine and CaBA partnerships across a range of issues including data and evidence, policy and legislation and the benefits of collaborative working. The workshops also provided the opportunity to meet other partnerships and initiate collaboration with potential partners, hear about project case studies and discuss barriers and opportunities to collaborative delivery. Workshops were held face to face in the North East and South East, with a combined North West and South West online event being held due the COVID-19 restrictions. The presentations from each workshop is available to view (see link below).

For all the project outputs to date follow this link.

The project is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, and managed by The Rivers Trust and the Coastal Partnerships Network. The North West Coastal Forum has been assisting with regional co-ordination for the project.

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