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Maritime Spatial Planning: Transboundary Co-operation in the Celtic Seas – SIMCelt closing conference 28 &29 November, Liverpool

SIMCelt – Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Celtic Seas – is a 2 year project running to December 2017 co-funded by the EU Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. It aims to promote practical cross-border cooperation between Member States on the implementation of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive in OSPSAR Region III:

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Great Winter Nurdle Hunt 3rd to 5th February 2017

Nurdles, also known as mermaids tears, are tiny little pellets of pre-production plastic and can be found washed up on beaches around the UK. It is thought that these nurdles make it into the sea due to mismanagement in factories which make their way into waterways as well as nurdles being accidentally distributed during transit. Nurdles are

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MSFD: UK Programme of Measures published

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires all EU Member States to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) in their marine waters by 2020. The UK’s Marine Strategy sets out how this will be achieved in UK waters and comprises 3 parts; part one sets out targets, part two sets out indicators and the newly published part

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Celtic Seas Partnership Activity Update

The Celtic Seas Partnership is a four year EC Life+ project supporting the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in the Celtic Seas. It aims to draw people together from across the Celtic Seas to set up collaborative and innovative approaches to managing their marine environment. It is working to put the people

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UK SeaMap 2010

The JNCC has published ‘UK SeaMap2010 – Predictive mapping of seabed habitats in UK waters’. The map provides a full coverage predictive seabed habitat for  the sublittoral UK marine area, filling in the geographic gaps evident in earlier predictive mapping projects. Download the report here: http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page

Natural Environment White Paper is Published

Defra have released the first White Paper on the natural environment to be published in 20 years, outlining the Government’s vision for the natural environment over the next 50 years, along with actions to deliver the vision. The plans in the White Paper are directly linked to the recently published UK Natural Ecosystem Assessment, and

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UK Marine Policy Statement Published

Defra have published the UK Marine Policy Statement, as the latest stage of forming the UK’s new marine planning strategy. Adopted by all UK administrations, the Marine Policy Statement will help achieve the shared UK vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse seas and oceans. The Marine Policy Statement will enable an appropriate and

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