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Carbon Dioxide Emmissions from Ships

New rules on monitoring emissions from ships will come into force from 1st January 2018, following recent agreement at European level. Ship owners will need to monitor emissions for each ship on a ‘per voyage’ basis and annually. The European Parliament formally adopted the proposed Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on

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National Infrastructure Projects – North West Update

The National Infrastructure Planning website has details of the following major infrastructure projects in the coastal or marine area of North West England. Click on the project names below to go the the National Infrastructure Planning website page for each project. Projects go through a range of stages and these are explained in brief below:

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Maritime Strategy – Public Oral Evidence Session 10th September

The Commons Select Committee on Transport is holding a public oral evidence session on the Maritime Strategy – the Government’s strategy for the maritime sector – at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich on Tuesday 10th September. Witnesses appearing will be Stephen Hammond MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Transport, Sir Alan Massey, Chief Executive,

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