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Closed – consultation on investigating options for reducing releases to the environment of microplastics (European Commission)

Closes 16th October 2017 The European Commission has launched a public consultation on options for reducing releases of microplastics into the marine environment. The aims are to collect views from stakeholders and the public on policy options and to gather further information and evidence on sources of microplastics pollution and policy options for the reduction

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Government Announces Microbeads Ban

The government have recently announced plans to ban microbeads found in cosmetics and personal care products. These tiny pieces of plastic, commonly referred to as microbeads, once washed down the drain often make it into the marine environment which build up and are swallowed by marine life. The government is starting to collect evidence on other

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Closed – responses for Environmental Impact of Microplastics Inquiry

Deadline for responses: Friday 15th April The Environmental Audit Committee, a Commons Select Committee, launched an environmental impact of microplastics in March 2016. The issues they are investigating include the scale, sources and consequences of microplastic pollution in the ocean, the state of knowledge/understanding of the issue and strategies for dealing with the issue. The

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