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Catching or landing of berried lobsters and crawfish in England

The Marine Management Organisation has published new statutory guidance on berried lobsters and crawfish – i.e. those carrying eggs. The guidance states that from 1 October 2017 vessels registered in the UK must not fish for berried lobsters (Homarus gammarus) or crawfish (Palinurus elephas and Palinurus mauritanicus) within English waters and must not land lobsters or crawfish at English ports regardless

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Opportunities to get involved with inshore fisheries and conservation management

The Marine Management Organisation is advertising for new voluntary members for the North Western, North Eastern, Sussex, Southern and Cornwall Fisheries and Inshore Conservation Authorities (IFCA). The North Western IFCA is looking for three new members, particularly those with experience and interest in commercial or recreational fishing, the marine environment or other relevant interest and experience.

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Consultation on Salmon Fisheries

Closes 9th October. The Environment Agency is holding a consultation on management of salmon fisheries in England and on the Border Esk. The consultation seeks views on the impacts and benefits of options that have been developed to reduce exploitation of salmon in coasts, estuaries and rivers, together with any further suggestions for reducing exploitation. Salmon

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Closed – consultation on Byelaw 3 (Permit to Fish for Cockles and Mussels) (NW IFCA)

Closes 7th July The North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NWIFCA) are conducting a review of Byelaw 3 (Permit to Fish for Cockles and Mussels). They are consulting stakeholders on management measures to be included in the new byelaw which will regulate hand gathering activities. For more information on the consultation follow this link.

Maritime Affairs & Fisheries News – January 2017

The newsletter from the Maritime Affairs & Fisheries for January has been published and covers the following topics: News Commissioner Vella promises EU support for the Arctic and its people at Tromsø conference New report confirms positive economic trends in EU fishing fleet Seafood: Investigation into EU consumers’ attitudes shows sustainable supply is essential European

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Closed: Defra consultation on changes to 2012 UK fisheries concordat

Closes 28th February 2017. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) are consulting on changes to 2012 UK fisheries concordat: Management arrangements for fishing opportunities and fishing vessel licensing in the United Kingdom. The topic and scope of this consultation are as follows: “Topic of this consultation: This consultation sets out proposed changes to

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ICES Newsletter Update – December 2016

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has published their newsletter for December 2016. The content of the newsletter includes the following: Understanding high CO2 worlds Collaboration from ocean to plate Giving culture a place within marine planning space Master methods for MSY proxies More information from the newsletter can be found

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Maritime Affairs & Fisheries News – December 2016

The newsletter from the Maritime Affairs & Fisheries for December has been published and covers the following topics: News Ministers agree on fishing catch limits for 2017 Commission launches call worth €1.5m to promote coastal and maritime tourism The EU engages in the third round of negotiations to prevent unregulated fishing in the Arctic high

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Maritime Affairs & Fisheries News – October 2016

The newsletter from the Maritime Affairs & Fisheries for October has been published and covers the following topics: News Baltic Sea: sustainable fishing quotas set for 2017 Commission proposes deep-sea fishing opportunities ensuring the sustainable exploitation of vulnerable species 3rd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference: Commissioner Vella hands over awards for best Atlantic projects European Maritime Day 2017

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Closed – Survey on Annual Fisheries Statistics by MMO

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have launched a survey to help fisheries statistics meet the needs of those who use them. The survey aims to collect views of the people who use the statistics which will include questions regarding imports and exports of fish products and the survey will also inform users about the structure and

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