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Marine Conservation Zones Project Newsletter 8

Defra have published the 8th Newsletter of the Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) project. In this update: How the Project involved stakeholders early on How Natural England and JNCC produce their advice What work is still to be done The MCZ designation timetable Read the update on Defra’s website.

Fisheries Update

The North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NWIFCA) are holding a Technical, Scientific and Bylaw Subgroup Committee meeting on February 17th. This meeting is not open to the public or press, however papers are available on the NWIFCA website.   Defra’s winter 2011/12 issue of Fishing Focus is available to download from their website.This

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UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

The UK Government have published the Climate Change Risk Assessment, the first assessment of its kind and the first in a 5 yearly cycle. The assessment includes detailed analysis of 100 potential risks across 11 sectors, and sets out the main priorities for adaptation under 5 key themes. The assessment has been divided into several

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Defra Launch Grant Scheme for Nature Improvement Areas

Defra has launched a new grant scheme to establish Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs). NIAs are large, discrete areas that will deliver a step change in nature conservation, where a local partnership has a shared vision for their natural environment. The partnership will plan and deliver significant improvements for wildlife and people through the sustainable use of natural

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Flood and coastal erosion risk management progress report 2008-2011 for England

The Environment Agency has published a short document summarising its work towards achievement of Defra outcome measures between 2008 and 2011, during which it achieved and exceeded all the main targets, with the exception of one covering intertidal habitats. Download the report here: http://publications.environment-agency.gov.uk/PDF/GEHO0711BUBK-E-E.pdf

Natural Environment White Paper is Published

Defra have released the first White Paper on the natural environment to be published in 20 years, outlining the Government’s vision for the natural environment over the next 50 years, along with actions to deliver the vision. The plans in the White Paper are directly linked to the recently published UK Natural Ecosystem Assessment, and

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National Ecosystem Assessment

Defra have launched the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA), a groundbreaking report that demonstrates the value of nature. The UK NEA  brought together over 500 experts in ecology, economics and social sciences to estimate the value of the natural world by taking account of the economic, health and social benefits we get from nature. The assessment provides

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Marine Planning in England – summary of consultation responses

A summary of responses to Defra’s consultation on Marine Planning in England can now be viewed at Defra’s website. You can view the North West Coastal Forum’s response here.

UK Marine Policy Statement – consultation response

The North West Coastal Forum’s response to Defra’s consultation on the UK’s Marine Policy Statement. October 2010

Marine Planning System for England – consultation response

North West Coastal Forum’s response to Defra’s Marine Planning System for England consultation document. October 2010