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Europe’s seas: Commission sets out criteria for good environmental status

Last year, The EC adopted a decision outlining criteria necessary to achieve good environmental status (GES) for Europe’s seas. This is required under the Marine Strategy Frame Work, which aims to achieve good environmental status in all EU marine waters by 2020. The criteria for GES focuses on different aspects of marine ecosystems, including biological

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Marine Knowledge 2020

The European Commission have launched a new initiative aiming to unlock and assemble data from different sources and facilitate their use for purposes beyond those that they were originally intended for. ‘Marine knowledge 2020’ will have 3 major benefits: Improving the efficiency of those who use marine data; opening new opportunities and driving marine sector

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British Marine Life Photos

This week, the Guardian Website published a beautiful selection of photographs by Paul Naylor showcasing marine life in British waters. Visit the Guardian Environment website to see them.

Durham Heritage Coast wins UK Landscape Award

In late 2010, the Durham Heritage Coast was voted the UK’s best landscape in the inaugural UK Landscape Awards. Over a century of coal waste tipping had endowed the coastline with notorious black beaches, but since being awarded Heritage Coast status in 2001, it has undergone a huge transformation. Thanks to the clean-up program ‘Turning

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