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New Fisheries Body For the North West

On April 12011, the two Sea Fisheries Committees (SFC) in North West England (Cumbria and North Western), to become one new organisation  – the North West Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NW-IFCA). The NWIFCA is one of 10 new Authorities established under the Marine and Coastal Access Act (2009) and, besides taking on responsibility for fisheries management from

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March/April 2011 update

The March/April edition of the Forum’s News and Events Update is now available to download

Integrated Coastal Zone Management – EC Consultation

The European Commission have launched an on-line consultation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and/or Maritime Spatial Planning. Through the consultation the European Commission seeks to explore options for future EU action in coastal management and maritime planning. This is an important time for ICZM and marine planning in Europe, and anyone with an interest in either

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Marine Habitat Maps for Celtic & North Seas

The European Marine Observation and Data Network have launched a pilot mapping portal that shows broadscale predicted marine habitats for Europe’s seas. As well as the Celtic Sea and North Sea, the portal includes the Baltic Sea and the Western Mediterranean, covering over 2 million square kilometers in total. A consortium of 7 international partners,

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Impacts of climate change on disadvantaged UK coastal communities

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published a report investigating how disadvantaged coastal communities are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The report combines four cases studies (Great Yarmouth (Norfolk, England), Skegness (Lincolnshire, England), Llanelli (Carmarthenshire, Wales) and Benbecula (Outer Hebrides, Scotland) with a literature review and analysis of likely impacts, as well as providing

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Scotland’s Marine Atlas

The Scottish Government has published ‘Scotland’s Marine Atlas – Information for the National Marine Plan’. The Atlas is an assessment, featuring maps and graphics, is an assessment of the condition of Scotland’s seas, based on scientific evidence from data and analysis, supported by expert judgment. For more information, and to download the document,  as well

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UNEP Publish Report on MPA Governance

UNEP has published a report analysing the governance of 40 MPAs around the world, including 3 from the UK. The study attempts to tackle a key MPA governance question – how do we combine top-down, bottom-up and market approaches for reaching and implementing decisions in order to achieve effective and equitable MPAs? To find out more,

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A Strategy for Marine Nature Conservation in Scotland’s Seas

Marine Scotland and the Scottish Government have published a Strategy for Marine Nature Conservation in Scotland’s Seas. The strategy sets out aims and objectives for protecting and enhancing marine biodiversity in Scottish waters. The strategy is designed to facilitate co-operation in pursuit of shared marine objectives in the UK and to meet national and international

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Scotland’s National Marine Plan – Pre-consultation Draft

Marine Scotland and the Scottish Government have published a pre-consultation draft of Scotland’s National Marine Plan. The National Marine Plan is being created as part of the Scottish Government’s introduction of marine planning for Scotland’s Seas, after the introduction of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. The National Marine Plan will manage increasing demands for the use

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UK Marine Policy Statement Published

Defra have published the UK Marine Policy Statement, as the latest stage of forming the UK’s new marine planning strategy. Adopted by all UK administrations, the Marine Policy Statement will help achieve the shared UK vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse seas and oceans. The Marine Policy Statement will enable an appropriate and

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