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August 2011 News and Events Update

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Coastal Communities Fund Announced

Coastal communities across the UK are to recieve  money from the Government through a new Coastal Communities Fund financed by money generated through Crown Estate marine activities. The fund is designed to support the economic development of coastal communities and will support a wide range of projects, including those that support charities, the environment, education and health.

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July 2011 News and Events Update

The Forum’s July 2011 News and Events Update is available to download by clicking on the title above.

New Copeland Coastal Partnership

Copeland Borough Council have launched a new coastal partnership new venture to bring together a range of organisations that have an interest in promoting and enhancing the coast to encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of what is on offer.  The partnership aims to develop the coast for the benefit of local people, visitors

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Coastal Access in the North West – Consultation

Following the Accessing the North West Coast workshop in June, the North West Coastal Trail project ran a consultation to produce an up-to-date picture of activity and opportunities which are contributing or could contribute to the creation of a continuous route for cyclists, horse-riders and pedestrians when accessing the North West’s coast. The consultation questions

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Strategic Scoping Report Published

The final Strategic Scoping Report (SSR), which provides a  snapshot of activities across marine planning areas in England’s waters, has been published by the MMO. The report is the first summary of results from the Strategic Scoping Exercise, carried out by the MMO, that examined the spatial  distribution of natural resources and activities within England’s

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Coastal Wiki – Online Coastal and Marine and Encyclopedia

The Coastal Wiki – the Coastal and Marine Wikipedia – is an Internet Encyclopedia providing up-to-date and high quality information for coastal professionals, which is continuously improved, complemented and updated by expert users. The Coastal Wiki also has a community aspect and is a great place to share ideas and learn from others.

Green Infrastructure to Manage Climate Change: Resources Available

Resources are now available to help a range of professionals in the North West  plan, design and manage green infrastructure and the natural environment so that it can help to combat climate change. They are of use for planners, designers, developers, decision makers, land and green space managers, as well as a wider audience and

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North West Coastal Trail Workshop Held in Morecambe

On Monday June 20, the North West Coastal Forum hosted ‘Accessing the North West Coast’, a workshop to discuss access along the North West coast with stake holders from the region and to promote the North West Coastal Trail vision. The event was attended by over 40 local stakeholders, who heard representatives from Sustrans, the

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Peel Energy halt Mersey Tidal Power project

After months of consultations and technical studies, Peel Energy have published the 3rd and final stage of the Mersey Tidal Energy feasibility study and chosen a preferred scheme -  a barrage between New Ferry and Dingle. However, due to high construction costs, Peel Energy have decided that it is not a financially viable project and will

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