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Bathing water results for 2011

Defra have published details of the 2011 bathing water results – a mixed picture for the North West with 24 beaches meeting the mandatory bathing water requirements compared to 27 in 2010, however 9 of these achieved the exacting requirements of the revised Bathing Water Directive standards (current ‘guideline’ status) compared to only 6 last year. However

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National Policy Statement for Ports

The Department for Transport has published the National Policy Statement for Ports. To download the document, visit

UK SeaMap 2010

The JNCC has published ‘UK SeaMap2010 – Predictive mapping of seabed habitats in UK waters’. The map provides a full coverage predictive seabed habitat for  the sublittoral UK marine area, filling in the geographic gaps evident in earlier predictive mapping projects. Download the report here:

MMO Publish Fisheries Statistics

The Marine Management Organisation has published the UK Sea Fisheries Statistics 2010. Download the report and data files here:

October 2011 News and Events Update

Our October Newsletter is now available to download:

Public Awareness of Marine Climate Change Issues in the EU

A report has been published on the results of polling 10,000 European citizens about their knowledge and opinions of climate change. The poll, which was conducted during January 2011, spans 10 European countries and aimed to find out what the public knows and cares about in relation to marine climate change and its risks and impacts. Download

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Proposed MCZs – Interactive Map

The Guardian has posted an interactive map of the proposed English marine conservation zones, allowing users to see the recommended MCZs, the recommended reference areas and project boundaries. Click here to see the map.

MMO Publish Socio-Economic Study

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have released their first commissioned study of socio-economic factors in marine planning. The independent study is a new resource that helps marine planners, developers and local authorities and others with an interest in sustainable development in the marine area to understand various issues affecting coastal communities. The full report, “Maximising

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September 2011 News and Events Update

The NW Coastal Forum’s September 2011 Newsletter, including open consultations, can be downloaded here:

Irish Sea Marine Conservation Zones Final Report Published

After two years of intense work, the Irish Sea Conservation Project is at an end. The project, which aimed to recommend areas for marine conservation in the Irish Sea has involved over 50 individuals, representing all coastal stakeholders in the North West. The final recommendations report has been delivered to the Government, along with the final

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