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A Strategy for Marine Nature Conservation in Scotland’s Seas

Marine Scotland and the Scottish Government have published a Strategy for Marine Nature Conservation in Scotland’s Seas. The strategy sets out aims and objectives for protecting and enhancing marine biodiversity in Scottish waters. The strategy is designed to facilitate co-operation in pursuit of shared marine objectives in the UK and to meet national and international

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Scotland’s National Marine Plan – Pre-consultation Draft

Marine Scotland and the Scottish Government have published a pre-consultation draft of Scotland’s National Marine Plan. The National Marine Plan is being created as part of the Scottish Government’s introduction of marine planning for Scotland’s Seas, after the introduction of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. The National Marine Plan will manage increasing demands for the use

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UK Marine Policy Statement Published

Defra have published the UK Marine Policy Statement, as the latest stage of forming the UK’s new marine planning strategy. Adopted by all UK administrations, the Marine Policy Statement will help achieve the shared UK vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse seas and oceans. The Marine Policy Statement will enable an appropriate and

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Liverpool-based Maersk Line Places Order for World’s Biggest Ships

Maersk, the world’s biggest container shipping line, which has its UK headquarters in Liverpool, has placed an order for the largest vessels ever built. The $1.9bn order for 10 triple-E class ships is with Daewoo Shipbuilding of South Korea. Each vessel will measure 1,300ft (400m) long and 190ft (59m) wide and have a capacity of

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Climate Change: Ask the Met Office Experts

The Met Office has teamed up with the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) Project ( by offering members of the public the chance to have their questions about weather and climate change answered by scientists. Anyone who is confused or curious about climate change can send their questions via the OPAL website. Scientists from the Met

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British Marine Life Photos

This week, the Guardian Website published a beautiful selection of photographs by Paul Naylor showcasing marine life in British waters. Visit the Guardian Environment website to see them.

Durham Heritage Coast wins UK Landscape Award

In late 2010, the Durham Heritage Coast was voted the UK’s best landscape in the inaugural UK Landscape Awards. Over a century of coal waste tipping had endowed the coastline with notorious black beaches, but since being awarded Heritage Coast status in 2001, it has undergone a huge transformation. Thanks to the clean-up program ‘Turning

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