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MMO Publish Fisheries Statistics

The Marine Management Organisation has published the UK Sea Fisheries Statistics 2010. Download the report and data files here:

Proposed MCZs – Interactive Map

The Guardian has posted an interactive map of the proposed English marine conservation zones, allowing users to see the recommended MCZs, the recommended reference areas and project boundaries. Click here to see the map.

MMO Publish Socio-Economic Study

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have released their first commissioned study of socio-economic factors in marine planning. The independent study is a new resource that helps marine planners, developers and local authorities and others with an interest in sustainable development in the marine area to understand various issues affecting coastal communities. The full report, “Maximising

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The Heritage Value of Modern Shipwrecks

English Heritage, with funding from MEDIN,  has completed a project to expand its database of historic wrecks to include postwar losses. The research has resulted in the recording of over 500 new shipwrecks, the full details of which, along with details of all other sites that make up the National Record of the Historic Environment

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Defra Launch Grant Scheme for Nature Improvement Areas

Defra has launched a new grant scheme to establish Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs). NIAs are large, discrete areas that will deliver a step change in nature conservation, where a local partnership has a shared vision for their natural environment. The partnership will plan and deliver significant improvements for wildlife and people through the sustainable use of natural

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Flood and coastal erosion risk management progress report 2008-2011 for England

The Environment Agency has published a short document summarising its work towards achievement of Defra outcome measures between 2008 and 2011, during which it achieved and exceeded all the main targets, with the exception of one covering intertidal habitats. Download the report here:

Biodiversity News and Consultation on Indicators

Closes 11th November 2011. Defra has recently published Biodiversity 2020 – a new strategy paper for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services. The document sets out the Government’s approach to halting the decline in biodiversity over the next decade on land (including freshwater systems) and sea, building on the Natural Environment White Paper and taking into account

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National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy

The Environment Agency has now published the National FCERM Strategy as required under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. This strategy sets out a statutory framework which will help all those involved in flood and coastal erosion risk management and local communities to work together to manage flood and coastal erosion risks. It will

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Coastal Communities Fund Announced

Coastal communities across the UK are to recieve  money from the Government through a new Coastal Communities Fund financed by money generated through Crown Estate marine activities. The fund is designed to support the economic development of coastal communities and will support a wide range of projects, including those that support charities, the environment, education and health.

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Strategic Scoping Report Published

The final Strategic Scoping Report (SSR), which provides a  snapshot of activities across marine planning areas in England’s waters, has been published by the MMO. The report is the first summary of results from the Strategic Scoping Exercise, carried out by the MMO, that examined the spatial  distribution of natural resources and activities within England’s

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