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Funding Available for ‘Town Team’ Pilot

On February 4th, the Government announced the ‘Portas Pilots Prospectus: an invitation to become a ‘Town Team’. This follows Mary Portas’ independent review into the future of the high street. One of her recommendations is the creation of ‘Town Teams’, a visionary, strategic and strong operational management team for high streets, which the Government has accepted

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UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

The UK Government have published the Climate Change Risk Assessment, the first assessment of its kind and the first in a 5 yearly cycle. The assessment includes detailed analysis of 100 potential risks across 11 sectors, and sets out the main priorities for adaptation under 5 key themes. The assessment has been divided into several

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2011 Water Framework Directive Progress Update

The Environment Agency has published a summary of the 2011 results for surface waters (rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal waters). This summary, and previous reports, can be viewed here.

Marine Planning News

The latest Marine Management Organisation Marine Planning Newsletter is available to download here. A series of drop in sessions are being organised across the East of England (the first marine plan area) in February. For further information on current and future marine planning visit the MMO website.

Good Fish Guide iPhone app

Building on the success of their pocket and web versions of the Good Fish Guide, the Marine Conservation Society has released an iPhone app. The app is free to download from the Apple store, and gives users access to the most up-to-date sustainable seafood advice right when they need it. To read more about the

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Marine Conservation Zones Project Newsletter 7

The MCZ project has published its latest newsletter, explaining in more detail ongoing work and the reasons for a revised timetable for MCZ designation, as well as information on the Scientific Advice Panel (SAP) and the MCZ impact assessment. Download the newsletter from the Defra website here:

Marine Chemical Spill Response: UK Guidelines

A set of new guidelines for tackling oil or chemical spills at sea has been published. The guidelines provide the principles upon which effective post-spill monitoring and impact assessment in UK waters will be based on and are supported by the 19 UK government partners involved in post-spill issues. Download the guidelines from the Cefas

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Nature Check: What the Government Has Achieved

Wildlife and Countryside LINK, a coalition of 35 voluntary conservation organisations have published Nature Check: An analysis of the Government’s natural environment commitments. The report analyses 16 separate commitments the Coalition Government has made towards the natural environment, assessing them on their progress against timescale and how well they have been delivered. Download the report

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Bathing water results for 2011

Defra have published details of the 2011 bathing water results – a mixed picture for the North West with 24 beaches meeting the mandatory bathing water requirements compared to 27 in 2010, however 9 of these achieved the exacting requirements of the revised Bathing Water Directive standards (current ‘guideline’ status) compared to only 6 last year. However

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National Policy Statement for Ports

The Department for Transport has published the National Policy Statement for Ports. To download the document, visit