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Water for Life and Livelihoods Consultation Summary Response Published

The Environment Agency has published a report summarising the responses to the consultation on draft River Basin Management Plans that ran from 10 October 2014 to 10 April 2015. The consultation was the third and final stage of public consultation on the second cycle of river basin planning. It posed questions on proposed long-term objectives for

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Coastal Access Updates

Natural England’s Cumbria Area Team has produced the May Cumbria Coastal Access Monthly Update. It covers progress on the 2nd length of coast to be developed: Whitehaven to Silecroft and the 3rd stretch (Gretna to Allonby). In addition the national team has published the April England Coastal Path Update, covering progress across England and detailing the

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Marine Strategy Framework Directive – Government publishes response to the monitoring consultation and the finalised UK marine monitoring programmes

A consultation on monitoring proposals for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive took place earlier this year. The Government has now published a summary of the comments with their responses. In addition the ‘UK Marine Strategy Part Two: UK Marine Monitoring Programmes’ has now been finalised and published. There will be a further consultation covering proposals for the UK Programme of Measures

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