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Analysis of Member States progress reports on ICZM

The European Commission has published its final report analysing the progress reports each member state submitted detailing integrated coastal zone management progress. ‘Analysis of Member States progress reports on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) can be downloaded by following this link:

Partnership Working in Support of Marine Spatial Planning in the Irish Sea

Over the course of spring 2011, the University of Liverpool, in collaboration with the North West Coastal Forum and the United Kingdom’s National Oceanography Centre, organised two events aimed at exploring stakeholder views on the future development of transnational partnership working to support co-ordinated marine spatial planning in the Irish Sea region. The work was

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Coastal Wiki – Online Coastal and Marine and Encyclopedia

The Coastal Wiki – the Coastal and Marine Wikipedia – is an Internet Encyclopedia providing up-to-date and high quality information for coastal professionals, which is continuously improved, complemented and updated by expert users. The Coastal Wiki also has a community aspect and is a great place to share ideas and learn from others.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management – EC Consultation

The European Commission have launched an on-line consultation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and/or Maritime Spatial Planning. Through the consultation the European Commission seeks to explore options for future EU action in coastal management and maritime planning. This is an important time for ICZM and marine planning in Europe, and anyone with an interest in either

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Marine Habitat Maps for Celtic & North Seas

The European Marine Observation and Data Network have launched a pilot mapping portal that shows broadscale predicted marine habitats for Europe’s seas. As well as the Celtic Sea and North Sea, the portal includes the Baltic Sea and the Western Mediterranean, covering over 2 million square kilometers in total. A consortium of 7 international partners,

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UNEP Publish Report on MPA Governance

UNEP has published a report analysing the governance of 40 MPAs around the world, including 3 from the UK. The study attempts to tackle a key MPA governance question – how do we combine top-down, bottom-up and market approaches for reaching and implementing decisions in order to achieve effective and equitable MPAs? To find out more,

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Europe’s seas: Commission sets out criteria for good environmental status

Last year, The EC adopted a decision outlining criteria necessary to achieve good environmental status (GES) for Europe’s seas. This is required under the Marine Strategy Frame Work, which aims to achieve good environmental status in all EU marine waters by 2020. The criteria for GES focuses on different aspects of marine ecosystems, including biological

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Marine Knowledge 2020

The European Commission have launched a new initiative aiming to unlock and assemble data from different sources and facilitate their use for purposes beyond those that they were originally intended for. ‘Marine knowledge 2020’ will have 3 major benefits: Improving the efficiency of those who use marine data; opening new opportunities and driving marine sector

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