Closed – consultation on Proposal to Remove Allonby South as a Designated Bathing Water

Closed 11:45 p.m. 28th February 2019

Defra is consulting on removing Allonby South from the list of designated bathing waters. Allerdale Borough Council applied for Allonby South to be removed on the grounds of low usage for bathing as there is evidence, including a survey carried out by the Council during the 2017 bathing water season, that the beach has seldom been used for bathing. The Council’s survey took place over 29 days between May and September 2017 and no-one was seen using the water (swimming or paddling). The car park and toilets at the beach were damaged by flooding in 2009 and there are no plans to repair them, meaning there are no facilities at the beach. .

A bathing water can be de-designated if there is evidence that usage has declined and it is no longer used by a large number of bathers. If this happens, sampling for compliance with the Bathing Water Regulations’ water quality standards would cease and there would be no further investment specifically directed at meeting these standards. There would no longer be a legal requirement for public information about water quality to be provided.

For more information, and to respond, follow this link.

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