Closed consultation – Marine Conservation Zones Tranche 3

Closed 20th July.

Defra have opened consultation on the 3rd tranche of Marine Conservation Zones proposed for English marine waters. 41 new MCZs are proposed and there are also new features for conservation proposed for 12 exisitng MCZs. The consultation seeks views on the new sites and additional features, but also provides an opportunity to submit relevant evidence including ecological value and social and economic impacts.

New sites proposed for the Irish Sea are:

  • Solway Firth (inshore/estuary)
  • West of Copeland (offshore)
  • Wyre-Lune (inshore/estuary)
  • Ribble Estuary (inshore/estuary)
  • Queenie Corner (offshore)
  • South Rigg (offshore)

Additional features proposed for existing MCZs in the Irish Sea are:

  • Razorbill (Alca torda) for Cumbria Coast MCZ

For more information, including the full consultation document and factsheets for each proposed MCZ, follow this link.

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