Closed – Job: Coastal Partnerships Network Officer Post

Closing date 19th March 2018.

The UK is unique in having an established set of Coastal Partnerships which are locally accountable, cross-sectoral and informal. They advocate the ecosystem approach, sustainable use of marine resources and integrated, co-ordinated management. Our 47 Coastal Partnerships, many with up to 20 years’ experience, exist in diverse locations around the UK coast. They were created for different local needs and circumstance but all now play a vital role in the integration and management of actions and activities on our coasts. The Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN) was established in 2006 as a volunteer led national forum that exists to encourage the exchange of information and debate between Coastal Partnerships, groups and fora. CPN establishes links with other national and local coastal stakeholders and provides a national voice for the coast linking local practice and knowledge to national level debate and policy.

The CPN Steering Committee is responsible for driving forward the priorities set out in the CPN Action Plan (agreed and reviewed annually at the CPN Annual Forum). The Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) Programme Manager is the current CPN Chair.

A new post has been created of one full time Coastal Partnerships Network Officer who will provide Secretariat duties for the voluntary CPN Steering Committee and drive forward the priorities in the CPN Action Plan through close working with the CPN Chair, TEP Programme Manager and the CPN Steering Committee; manage budgets and assist in fundraising where appropriate. This position will be line managed by the TEP Programme Manager.  The Coastal Partnership Officer will also report directly to the CPN Steering Committee.

The Coastal Partnerships Officer will be a dynamic, energetic person with excellent organisational and communication skills, able to work closely with a wide range of sectors including coastal communities and those involved in coastal management. The Officer will be able to represent CPs and the CPN with key stakeholders ranging from central to local Government, Regulatory Authorities and NGOs and be able to write briefs and funding applications to a high standard.

The Officer will be expected to develop sufficient knowledge of the myriad policies affecting the coastal terrestrial and aquatic space. Existing knowledge and/or experience of these policies; working with coastal communities and coastal governance and management would be advantageous.

For further information, including the job description and key dates follow this link.

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