Closed – responses for Environmental Impact of Microplastics Inquiry

Deadline for responses: Friday 15th April

The Environmental Audit Committee, a Commons Select Committee, launched an environmental impact of microplastics in March 2016. The issues they are investigating include the scale, sources and consequences of microplastic pollution in the ocean, the state of knowledge/understanding of the issue and strategies for dealing with the issue.

The Committee is seeking evidence on the following: :

  • Impact on marine plants and animals
  • Economic consequences resulting from increased microplastic pollution in the ocean
  • How do the main sources of microplastics differ in (a) scale of output and (b) the importance of their environmental impacts?
  • Impacts on human health and knock-on impacts for Government policies, on e.g. food standards
  • Would a ban on microbeads in personal care products help?
  • How much does the break down of larger pieces of plastic in the ocean contribute to microplastic pollution and how could this be dealt with?
  • How comprehensive and certain is knowledge about the scale of microplastics and their effects on the natural environment?
  • What should research priorities be? Who should fund it?
  • How effective is international cooperation around these issues, and what more can be done?

To read more about the inquiry and how to submit evidence follow this link.

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