Closed – Consultation on Draft Updates to River Basin Management Plans inc. North West

Consultation closes 10th April 2015 at 23:45 p.m.

The Environment Agency is seeking views on proposed updates to all the English River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs), including the plan for the North West River Basin District. Consultations are also being run for cross border rivers by Natural Resources Wales for the Dee RBMP and by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for the Solway Tweed RBMP (consultation on the Solway Tweed RBMP opens on 20th November).

River Basin Management Plans establish long term objectives for water quality. They review the current condition of water bodies such as lakes and rivers and estuaries and include coastal waters out to 1 nautical mile. They identify the pressures on them and current and possible future action and investment – from 2016 onwards – to protect and improve the water environment.

The Agency will be running some national and local events to help inform the consultation process. Comments can be submitted on line or in writing – see the Government website link  for more information on the English RBMPs consultation (NB this site also includes how to access the Natural Resource Wales and Scottish Environment Protection Agency consultations on the Dee and Solway-Tweed respectively and information on the current Flood Risk Management Plan consultation).

Please note that one of the documents provided with the consultation package draws out issues for coast and estuarine waters and is intended as a useful aid to those wishing to respond on such issues.

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