Delay to consultation date for Irish Sea wind farm

Celtic Array has decided to delay the launch of their second stage of statutory consultation for the Rhiannon wind farm in order to allow more time to assess their project options. Subject to final approvals, Rhiannon Wind Farm is now planning to undertake Stage 2 consultation in early 2014 and submit relevant consent applications later in 2014. Rhiannon Wind Farm is the first offshore wind farm proposed in the Irish Sea Zone. At its closest point, the farm would be located approximately 19km from Anglesey, 34km from the Isle of Man and 60km from the Cumbrian coast. Celtic Array Limited, a joint venture between Centrica Renewable Energy Limited and DONG Energy Wind Power Holdings, have welcomed the response to their community and stakeholder consultation and engagement so far.  During the Stage2 consultation relevant documents will be available online and in public libraries.  Further details of the proposed Rhiannon Wind Farm can be accessed via this link.

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