MPs to debate issues raised by Coastguard Service reforms

Reports on the impact of recent reforms to the Coastguard Service will be debated by MPs at Westminster Hall on Thursday 17 October 2013.  The follow up reports, published by the Commons Select Committee for Transport, review the issues raised by implementation of the Government’s revised proposals to modernise the Coastguard Service.  The reports have highlighted problems of low morale and loss of  experienced staff with exemplary local knowledge through station closure and amalgamation.  Louise Ellman, chair of the committee, stated “The Coastguard Service has an essential role in protecting safety at sea.” and “We continue to receive worrying information about the impact of recent reforms. It is important that we have the chance to raise these issues in the House of Commons and put concerns directly to the Minister”.   Further details of the reports and the Transport Committee can be found on the UK Parliament website by following this link.

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