New artwork for Cleveleys’ Promenade

The latest artwork as part of the ‘Cleveleys Mythological Coastline’ project is now in place.  The ‘Giant Ogre’s Paddle’ is 9.2m long, carved from a tropical hardwood called purple heart timber, was installed on Cleveleys Promenade on 12th September 2013.  The project secured grant funding through the national Sea Change project and aims to regenerate the coast through the Arts.  As part of the project a story ‘The Sea Swallow’ was written and distributed to primary school children in Wyre in 2011 and in 2012 the first two pieces of sculpture, ‘Sea Swallow’ and ‘Shipwreck Memorial’, were positioned on the promenade.  The latest piece, the ‘Giant Ogre’s Paddle’ is carved with scenes and words from the story. Of the artworks now in place, this is the one that can be touched and sat on as well as being admired.  Further details of the project are available via this link.

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