Recovery in No-Take Zones

No-Take Zones (NTZ) are areas protected from all methods of fishing. The Firth of Clyde was identified as one of the most degraded marine environments in the UK, primarily due to over a century of overfishing. In September 2008, Scotland’s first No-Take Zone (NTZ) was established within the Firth of Clyde at Lamlash Bay, off the Isle of Arran, under the rationale that it will “help regenerate the local marine environment and enhance commercial shellfish and fish populations in and around Lamlash Bay”.  Surveys conducted by the University of York have concluded that the Lamlash Bay No-Take Zone appears to be promoting the recovery of scallops, lobster, fish and seafloor habitats.  A summary of these positive findings and details of the Summer 2013 research can be accessed via this link.

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