Delivering the Shoreline Management Plan – North West and North Wales Coastal Management 2013

The North West & North Wales Coastal Group, working with the Northern and Liverpool Bay Coastal Sub-groups and the North West Coastal Forum, held their first annual conference in Fleetwood on 15th and 16th July. The event was attended by over 70 people and very well received.

The event, based around implementation and delivery of the region’s Shoreline Management Plan, explored the regional and national importance of coastal flooding and erosion risk management with a series of presentations giving perspectives from national and regional agencies. The 2nd session explored coastal risk by looking at monitoring and application of data and a 3rd session explored schemes about to come on line; the reasons they were needed and the options considered in drawing up the successful schemes. 3 lively workshops also took place looking at co-ordination of research and information needs to support SMP delivery, partnerships and funding and issues arising during delivery of the SMP, in particular meeting regulatory requirements. The conference included 2 field trip sessions, a walking tour to Rossall Observatory on the evening of day 1 and a half day coach tour to Rossall and Anchorsholme to look at the existing sea defences and the problems that had prompted the new scheme bids for these 2 areas.

Outputs from the event, including presentations and the workshop summaries, will be available in due course on the Coastal Groups website. (When they are available a new news item with a direct link to the outputs will also be posted on the North West Coastal Forum website).

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