NWCF welcomes a new volunteer

I am pleased to announce that the Coastal Forum staff team is again two – I’ve been joined by a part-time volunteer, Frances Edwards, who has been keeping the website content up to date and relevant  since January. Frances started out at university in Cardiff, graduating with a BSc Hons in Maritime Geography.  She then went to work at the UK Hydrographic Office, editing navigational charts of North West Europe. After that her career followed a varied path to fit in with raising a family.  Her jobs included working for the Science and Engineering Research Council, in computer administration and press and PR, and HF Holidays where she co-ordinated itineraries for small group countryside tours. Last year, Frances spent some time working for the Solway Firth Partnership gathering interview data for a Marine Users Interaction Matrix.  Frances has been studying part-time at Heriot-Watt University and recently graduated with a MSc in Marine Spatial Planning. She took a specific interest in the management of transboundary marine areas.


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