Closed – European Commission consultation on Ocean Energy

The European Commission’s DG Mare is running a consultation on Ocean Energy. Europe’s Integrated Maritime Policy aims to help Europe realise the potential of its marine and coastal resources by providing a framework for coordination of the different functions, uses and users of the seas and oceans and by promoting excellence in marine research, technology and innovation.

Ocean energy, for the purposes of this consultation meaning energy generated from tide or wave installations, is recognised as a potential source of jobs and growth in Europe however its development has faced many challenges. The Commission wishes to gather opinions and ideas from stakeholders on whether, and how, to help the sector make its contribution to security of energy supply in Europeand meet targets for a ‘greener’ future. The consultation does not include off-shore wind energy which the Commission considers to be at a different stage of development, with major installations already producing electricity, under construction, or in the planning stages

The consultation runs until 14th September 2012. For more information see the European Commission website.

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