Closed – Consultation on Update of the European Union’s Implementation Plan for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

The Community Implementation Plan (a requirement of the POP Regulation) was drawn up in 2007 and covers the substances listed in the Stockholm Convention and also those listed in the UNECE POP Protocol. The Regulation requires that the plan is reviewed and updated when appropriate. The purpose of the Plan has been to take stock of legal and other European Union-level measures taken, assess their effectiveness in fulfilling the obligations of the Stockholme Convention, identify needs for possible additional measures and lay down an action plan for the implementation of these measures.

Many of the actions identified in the 2007 Plan have been or are about to be finalised and a European Commission report in 2010 identified several new actions that should be carried out for the EU to meet its international obligations. In addition, several new substances have been added to the Stockholm Convention and the POP Protocol since 2007. As a result the European Commission has decided to review and update the Implementation Plan and is requesting views and comments from stakeholders.

 The consultation will run from 2nd August to 25th October 2012.  The consultation documents and other details can be found on the European Commission website.

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