Environmental Indicator Report 2012: Ecosystem resilience and resource efficiency in a green economy in europe

The EEA has published the 2012 Environmental Indicator Report – the first in revived series. It argues that in striving towards a green economy there would be value in considering objectives and targets that explicitly recognise the relationships between resource efficiency, ecosystem resilience and human well-being as well as the different time lags for green economy policy actions to succeed. The report also offers some reflections on indicators to support measuring progress towards such objectives and targets. It concludes that despite progress in some areas,Europemust do more to create the ‘green economy’ needed for the continent to become sustainable.

Part 1 of the report introduces key concepts such as ecosystem resilience, resource efficiency and green economy. Part 2 provides six thematic assessments building on a selection of over 200 environmental indicators. The themes are:

  • Carbon emissions and climate change:
  • Air pollution and air quality:
  • The marine environment:
  • Stress on water resources
  • Use of material resources:

The report was presented to members of parliament from more than 20 EU Member States during a visit to the EEA on Monday 14 May 2012.

Joan Walley, MP, Chair of theUKgovernment’s Environmental Audit Committee said: “Everyone understands what is meant by business as usual but few have signed up for the step change now urgently needed if we are to withstand the pressures on the earth’s natural resources. The EEA’s measured and robust research is the necessary point of departure if we are to safeguard our future. Their work needs to be understood, applied and used by all government departments including the Treasury.”

To download a copy of the report visit the EEA website

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