Making the Right Connections to Improve Bathing Water

As part of their ongoing work to improve bathing water quality in the North West, particularly before new stricter standards are introduced in 2015, the Environment Agency are reviewing sewer plans and using innovative techniques to identify and tackle places plumbing is misconnected. These misconnections occur when an appliance such as a washing machine or toilet is connected to the wrong sewer and waste water therefore bypasses sewage treatment, reaching the sea unprocessed.

The EA’s project manager Sam Billington said ““Bathing water quality in the UK has improved dramatically over the past two decades, but we need to do more to meet even higher standards. By using CCTV and dye tracing we will be able to pin point these smaller sources of pollution which, when added together, can have a significant impact on bathing water quality.”

The project stretches along the North West coast between Formby in Merseyside and Skinburness in Cumbria and the Environment Agency are encouraging homeowners, hoteliers and business premises to check their plumbing using advice found at, which also contains information on what to do if a misconnection is found.

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